Womanifest is not just any old festival. (It’s NOT an M&S festival either!!) It’s a great opportunity to be part of something very special. Not only will it radically change the lives of many women who attend, it’s also playing a HUGE part in inspiring & empowering the next generation through our partnership with Girls Out Loud.

If you, or your business, believe this is an important mission then you can show your support and get behind it by taking up one of our sponsorship opportunities. There are 7 different options below, all to cater to differing budgets and contributions. Naturally, some lend themselves to certain business than others e.g. the wellbeing tent and the pamper tent but these are open to anyone and everyone!

We’re especially keen to secure sponsorship for the Girls Out Loud tent as all the resources, kit and activities we put on in there are dependent on charitable contribution… so c’mon, dig deep!

There are 30 speaker sponsorship opportunities. All others are single sponsor. Drop us an email at hello@womanifest.co.uk if you have questions, need more information or would like to go ahead and sponsor.