One of the biggest challenges we see people face, specifically women and girls, is that they have low body confidence and we’re on a mission to drive up body positivity in an inclusive way. One of the areas struggled with most is our vulva. We want to create better relationships specifically with our vulvas. Most of us don’t even know which bit is our vulva and which bit is our vagina so this starts with an education piece. On top of that, there are two reasons we tend to have a poor relationship with them:

1: We don’t see it very often. Mens genitals are on their front so they see them whenever they look in the mirror or go to the toilet. They also get to see each others because they are so prominently displayed. A vulva is more difficult to see as it’s tucked away and underneath, so unless you’re going to spread your legs in front of the mirror for a good old nosey, you’re unlikely to know what it looks like. This in itself present a relationship issue as you can’t have a relationship with someone or something you hardly know or have never met!

2: Mainstream porn is painting a very unrealistic view, especially to our teenagers, of what a vulva “should” look like. This is leaving teenage girls feeling like theirs isn’t ‘normal’, teenage boys demanding a certain aesthetic from them and mocking them if that turns out not to be these case and us grown women feeling like ours is way past it’s sell by date! Especially if it’s birthed a few humans in it’s time.


So….. a big job of Womanifest is to show EVERYONE what vulvas really look like – that each and everyone is completely unique, a bit like your finger print, and at the same time they are all completely NORMAL! These two things are not mutually exclusive! To achieve this we’re creating FESTIVULVA! An art exhibition of 100 bodycasted vulvas on display to allow whoever is interested to come and acquaint themselves and build a healthy relationship with all things vulva.
To achieve this we’re on the lookout for volunteers to have their vulva casted. Jodes set the ball rolling by going to Brighton to have hers professionally done by body casting artist Lydia Reeves and it will have pride of place at the festival. We’re seeking 99 more to buy a DIY kit and do their own to be part of the display (you can buy your kit on the button below) or you can visit Lydia if you’d like the full on experience (just contact her via her Instagram and tell her we sent you!), or you can find someone local to you who may do it for you.
However you choose to create yours, we’re looking for 100 women to sign up so if you’re up for it, please register your details on the contact form below so we know to expect your cast. You won’t have to put your name or photo on it, we’ll allocate you a number so you know which one you are and where to put yours in the display at the festival.
If you have any questions, please email us at

Festivulva Registration

I would like to take part in Festivulva and display my vulva cast

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